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Cattani Single Head 2 cylinder Oilless Dental Compressor


Single Head 2 cylinder Oiless Compressor (Cattani)

The CATTANI oil-free compressor (without oil lubrication) complete with drying system and a set of filtres, is capable of supplying dry compressed air of extremely high quality and purity. With the sterilising filter air is treated with an efficiency of 99.9999+% on 0.01 μm particles. We have chosen quality and reliability as  our emblems: this is why we can grant you a 3-year warranty. The deadening plastic cover and the deadening box reduce noise by 10 and 20 dB.


2- users
With air drier.
Single-phase motor 60 Hz - 1.5 kW - 9.2 Amp
Air tank=45 litres
Produced air with delivery pressure at 5 real
bar: 160 N l/min.
Sound pressure level 71 dB (A).
W=23in.  D= 24in.  H=30in.
Net Weight= 127lbs. Gross Weight= 172lbs

Reg $ 3,499   $ 2,979

Cattani Single Head 2 cylinder Oilless Compressor

reg $ 3,499   Sale $ 2,979

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